Customized Machines for the wire and cable industries

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First-class stranding

  • Planetary Strander

  • Rigid Strander

  • SZ-Strander

  • Tubular Strander

  • Steel bow Strander

  • Single twist buncher

  • Drum Twister


  • Automotive lines

  • Sheathing lines

Ancillary Equipment

  • Winders

  • Tape binders

  • Yarn binders

  • Kevlar binders


Customized solutions

  • Customized machines for specific applications

  • Development of turnkey projects

  • Refurbishing and upgrading of used machines

  • Revision and maintenance of cabling machinery


  • Advanced technology in mechanical and electrical design

  • Intensive 100% control throughout the production

  • Flexibility for every project according to customer's requirements

After sales service

Depending on the machine and customer's requirements, we offer tailor-made services.



The company aim of the austrian company WiCa Wire & Cable Machinery GmbH is the special machine construction in the wire and cable industry, where WiCa concentrates on the first-class stranding lines with Planetary, Rigid Strander, SZ-Strander, Tubular, Steel bow Strander, Single twist buncher and Drum Twister. All other ancillary equipment will be also built by WiCa such as pay off, take up, tape binders, etc. Visionary thinking drives WiCa GmbH to reach new milestones and ensures the sustainable development of the company.

Customer-specific product requirements and custom-made products are designed by the company WiCa competently and with a high quality standard. Quality awareness, precision, efficiency, safety and reliability are very important to WiCa. The partnership-based and long-lasting cooperation with our customers is one of our top priorities.




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